Calling civil society members for the Global Board of the Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund

Calling civil society members for the Global Board of the Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund

Calling civil society members for the Global Board of the Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund

Nominations can now be made for new civil society members of the Global Board of the Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund for the years 2019 – 2020.

The WPHF’s primary goal is to bring about peaceful and gender-equal societies.


The specific objectives of WPHF are:

– Support women’s participation in decision-making processes and responses related to conflict prevention;

– Increase women’s engagement and leadership in humanitarian action;

– Enhance women’s representation and leadership in formal and informal peace negotiations;

– Promote women and girls’ human rights; and

– Promote women’s involvement in economic recovery of their communities.


WPHF’s Reach and Accomplishments:

At country level, projects on conflict prevention and women’s economic empowerment were implemented in Burundi. The funds from WPHF enabled Burundian women to lead effective early warning and conflict prevention; and engage in formal and informal peace negotiations.

In Colombia, the WPHF supports indigenous and Afro-Colombian women in their efforts to participate in the implementation of the peace agreement. The WPHF was rolled out in three other countries, Iraq and Jordan (with a specific focus to the situation of Syrian refugees in Jordan), and the Solomon Islands. During the 18th Anniversary of 1325, there were new commitments from Member States like Austria, Australia, Norway, and the UK so potentially, the WPHF will expand to other countries in 2019 and increase support to current priority countries.


Responsibilities of Civil Society Members of the WPHF Board:

The primary responsibility of a civl society member of the WPHF Global Board is to contribute to decision-making on priority countries and general policies and direction of the fund.

This is achieved through:

– Participation in expert level and principal level meetings of the WPHF Global Funding Board (The principal level meetings are held once a year and the expert level meetings are held quarterly – on the average; the participation can be in-person or digital, via teleconference);

– Presentation of the views of her/his network/organization regarding funding for WPS and humanitarian work during meetings; – Dissemination of information regarding calls for proposals by the WPHF;

– Generation of support for the WPHF from donors, Member States, and other stakeholders for them to contribute to the Fund;

– Contribution to the visibility of WPHF through presentation in meetings, conferences, and other events as well as social media; and

– Consultation with other CSOs to improve the work of the WPHF.



To nominate or self-nominate, a CSO to the WPHF Board, please write to with the following information:

– Name of the organization being nominated and its representatives at the expert level and the principal level and their contact information

– Track record on advocacy and implementation of the WPS resolutions and/or in humanitarian work particularly from a gender perspective;

– Track record in grant making and/or advocacy for funding for the implementation of WPS resolutions and/or gender perspective in humanitarian work;

– Explanation of why the organization want to be a civil society representative of the WPHF Board; and

– Explanation how the organization will represent and consult other civil society organizations.


The deadline for the submission of nominations is January 16, 2019.

We warmly welcome you to apply! More information is also available at: