Young Women+ Leaders for Peace

Young Women+ Leaders for Peace

Developing the Leaders of Today and Tomorrow

GNWP’s Young Women+ Leaders for Peace (YWL) program enables young women to gain the skills and confidence to become community leaders. In countries experiencing conflict and crisis, young women and girls are often overlooked members of society, experiencing inequality in nutrition, medical care and education. When young women’s leadership and peacebuilding potentials are realized, they are a positive force that transforms communities and society.

The goal of the YWL program is to strengthen the capacities of young women and gender equality allies, to promote and protect their rights, and to realize their leadership potential fully. Members of the YWL networks develop their skills and explore leadership strategies. They learn about Women, Peace and Security (WPS) and Youth, Peace and Security (YPS) resolutions. Participants work together to analyse local peace and security conditions and design bespoke peacebuilding initiatives within their communities. They also learn various other skills – from effective use of traditional and digital media, producing theatre performances, delivering functional literacy trainings, and developing and running their own micro-enterprises. The YWL are encouraged to train other young women who do not have the opportunity to go to school, or are unable to attend the training. The ultimate goal of the program is to empower all YWL network members with the tools needed to be independent peacebuilders within their communities.

Significantly, the program has been recognized as a peacebuilding best practice by the Secretary-General of the United Nations in his first report to the Security Council on Youth, Peace and Security. 

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GNWP tailors the methodology and specific approach of the program to the needs identified by young women from each participating country. Read more about our YWL priorities’ and their work below!

Our Young Women+ Leaders

Since 2014, over 7,000 young women have develop skills to become leaders and peacebuilders. Meet some of the Young Women+ Leaders!

Focus area is Women's rights. I want to participate in campaigns that work towards peace and participate in resolving conflict and promoting women's rights.
Vica Aditha, Poso, Indonesia
Focus area: Prevention of sexual and gender-based violence. I believe that we cannot achieve peace without redefining what it means to be a leader; I want to be the change in my community.
Wivine Kanyere, Goma, DRC
Focus area: Sustainable peace. I want to share my ideas and advocate to the government. I want to work towards sustainable peace and the rights of women in my country.
Anitha Watitiy Kibaja, Goma, DRC
Focus area: Female leadership. I am proud to be a YWPL, I get to learn and teach others about peace initiatives - I get to change people's lives.
Arianne Kalere Kurybho, Goma, DRC
Focus area: Spreading Peace. We have been able to share with people in our community what peace means and the positive role of young women.
Elna Natasya, Tentena, Indonesia
Focus area: Empowering women. I want to promote and support young women in empowerment through entrepreneurship and defending the rights of young women.
Emilie Katondolo, Goma, DRC
Focus area: women's rights. I want to advocate for the rights of young women and girls regarding inheritance and dowries and for the reproductive health of women, especially those who are survivors of sexual violence.
Esther Mugumaoderha, Bukavu, DRC
Focus area: Female leadership. I want to show young women that they have a place, and that they are important in society. I want to be a young woman role model in the development process of my country.
Gentille Kavira, Goma, DRC
Focus area: community organizing. I am committing myself to advocating for peace, gender equality, women's rights, human rights, environmental protection, and an effective and efficient good governance.
Hameda M. Sumndad, Marawi City, Philippines
Focus area: Law. I am passionate about law because law makes me feel like all injustices can be fixed - I despise injustice.
Jeanne D'Arc, Goma, DRC
Focus area: Women's leadership. Progress and change in our community is slow, but we are paving blocks in our society through young people.
Kris Jeanever, Poso, Indonesia
Focus area: advocating for peace. Peace is important because it sustains life - fighting for peace is a human responsibility and a personal commitment.
Lynrose Jane D. Genon, Iligan City, Philippines
Focus area: Peacebuilding. I am inspired by the women who are very proactive in the peacebuilding movement. During our training workshop, I was so happy to meet new people who love the same advocacy as me.
Micah Emilie Verzola, Quezon City, Philippines
Focus area: Entrepreneurship. I want to develop my capacities and share my ideas with other young women like me. I take pride when I see other young women put into practice the elements that I teach.
Nadine Tawite, Goma, DRC
Focus area: Female leadership. I have learned to become a leader, how to respond to the news and determine what is real and what is fake, how to act quickly, and how to build a network.
Nafisatuz Zahro, Lamongan, Indonesia
Focus area: Economic empowerment. Our voices can be heard, and women's rights and equality in our communities are developing.
Radha Tsaniyah Zacharia, Poso, Indonesia
Focus area: Peace and independence. I want to be an advocate for peace and Independence in life. I want to defend and advocate for the rights of young women who are robbed of their rights.
Ruth Banyere, Goma, DRC
Focus area: Entrepreneurship. I am passionate about being autonomous, which is why I love the economic empowerment and entrepreneurial project that we have started through the YWPL.
Sarah Ndidira Tshobohwa, Goma, DRC
Focus area: Helping others. I am passionate about building a culture of peace where there is not just the absence of war, but also the presence of justice and well-being.
Sophia Dianne C. Garcia, Quezon City, Phillippines
Focus area: Advancing women's voices. There is no other perfect time than now to nurture the young hearts and minds of every child in order to cultivate peace so we may all live harmoniously beyond our own borders.
Ma. Soteya Apryll Trasadas
Focus area: Women's empowerment. Young women having hope and confidence in their abilities is what matters most to me, we can show men that women should never be underestimated.
Sylvine Imani Sedanga, Goma, DRC