Policy Advocacy & NAP Development

Full-Cycle Implementation of Women, Peace and Security

Policy Advocacy & NAP Development

National Action Plans (NAPs) are a key instrument for the implementation on Women, Peace and Security. They translate global commitments into concrete actions that are relevant to the specific country, thus contributing to building sustainable peace.

GNWP supports national and local civil society, governments and other key stakeholders in research and mapping of local peacebuilding needs and challenges. This information becomes a useful tool for the civil society as they advocate for the adoption of the NAP. The research and mapping also allows GNWP and its local partners to provide concrete, substantive inputs to the NAP drafting. We have done this, for example, in Armenia, Bangladesh, Chad, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

This initial step is critical in ensuring that the NAPs are relevant and adequately reflect local context and priorities.

In addition to the substantive inputs based on context-specific research, GNWP also provides technical support and capacity-building to national and local stakeholders to develop strong and impactful NAPs. We trained actors in Georgia, Iraq, Kenya, the Philippines and Ukraine, among other places, to formulate NAP objectives and activities that are specific, measurable, actionable, relevant and time-bound (“SMART”). We also support stakeholders in countries that are undergoing a NAP review, to ensure that the updated objectives, activities and indicators are “SMART” and locally-informed. This is critical, because it builds a foundation for effective implementation and accountability. Without “SMART” objectives and indicators, NAPs often remain documents on the shelf, and it is more difficult for the civil society to track progress and hold the government accountable.

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