The GNWP Speakers Workshop on Sunday, October 26th kicked off a week of events focusing on the 14th Anniversary of UNSCR 1325

The GNWP Speakers Workshop on Sunday, October 26th kicked off a week of events focusing on the 14th Anniversary of UNSCR 1325

November 20, 2014, New York, USA -GNWP members, staff and partners spent Sunday, October 26, 2014 at the GNWP, New York office preparing for a week of events associated with the 14th Anniversary of UNSCR 1325. Members had an opportunity to reconnect with each other and also meet members for the first time.

Panelists included Mavic Cabrera-Balleza, Monique Stummers (Cordaid) and facilitator Tuomas Hiltunen. Mavic presented information regarding UNSCR 1325 and described what members could expect in the week ahead. Mr. Hiltunen illustrated to the group the components necessary for a persuasive presentation, and Ms. Stummers presented tips on social media.

The social media discussion on advocacy for women, peace and security spurred a great exchange that illuminated some of the challenges involved in rolling out programs country to country. One of the lessons learned — even in the case of social media, each situation is unique. For instance, some groups might struggle with limited Internet access, while others might not be able to use apps because tablets or iPhones are not available in their area. This highlighted the importance of being mindful that what might work in Colombia, might not be a good solution for Democratic Republic of Congo.

The main objective of the workshop was to enhance the skills of the civil society actors present, in order to deliver and disseminate their advocacy messages in the most effective manner. Members learned practical tips and had an opportunity to fine-tune speeches by practicing in small groups and receiving feedback. This gave the group time to prepare their public presentations for the global policy community, including panel discussions, bilateral meetings with policy makers, UN entities, international civil society groups and donors.

Tips for Persuasive Presentations:

  • Preparation for your voice: drink water and have enough sleep
  • Use the full range of your voice when speaking
  • Preparation is important for giving a speech or performing advocacy and lobbying work
  • Write your speech, speak it, and highlight key words
  • Make the beginning and end of your speech strong; that is what people will remember
  • Know the audience: check linkedin profiles, you may have contacts in common
  • Communication is key
  • First 30 seconds are crucial in order to make an impression
  • Show appreciation: always thank donors, partners and hosts
  • Believe in yourself: be proud and confident


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By Lori Perkovich, Research and Advocacy Intern, Global Network of Women Peacebuilders.

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