Susan Sebit ( South Sudan )

Susan Sebit ( South Sudan )
: Cora Weiss Peacebuilding Fellow

Nyuon Susan Sebit is a seasoned and highly accomplished young lawyer. Passionate advocate of the Rule of Law and access to justice for women and children’s rights, she is an imminent human rights activist. Susan holds a Bachelor of Law (LLB) and had several pieces of training in the field of human rights.

Susan is the co-founder and Executive Director of National Alliance for Women Lawyers (NAWL) where she works to promote and protect women and children, ensures the implementation of women, peace and security and ending violence against women and girls.

At  NAWL, Susan works towards pushing the women’s agenda of participating in all areas of governance and leadership, she joined the legal practice where she was trained and enrolled as a licensed lawyer to practice in South Sudan. Susan is the founder and managing lawyer at Prudential Attorneys & Legal consultant, a law firm operating in South Sudan with the ethics of Rule of Law, she handles both Criminal Law cases, Civil cases and Commercial Law cases. She also worked previously with UN Women South Sudan’s country office as a EVAWG Program Specialist.

Susan was the Executive Director of Support Child Integrity – South Sudan, this organization is to promote and protect the juvenile justice system and to bring access to justice for all children; awareness and training the community on the issues of human rights; violation of both women and children and measures to protect the sexual gender-based violence; and promoting girls’ education among the rural children.

Susan is a prominent member of Christian Lawyers Association in South Sudan (CLASS), holding the position of Deputy Chairperson; South Sudan Law Society (SSLS); and, Women Aid Vision (WAV).