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Katrina Leclerc ( Canada )
: Communications and Program Coordinator

Katrina holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Winnipeg with a double major in Human Rights and Conflict Resolution. She is now completing her Master’s in Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Manitoba, with a thesis based on the Young Women for Peace and Leadership (YWPL) program in North Kivu, DRC. Based in Ottawa, Canada, Katrina is also the Parliamentary Affairs Advisor to Senator Marilou McPhedran in the Parliament of Canada, where she manages the Senator’s office and legislative work primarily focused on youth inclusion, protection of minorities, and civil society engagement. In January 2019, Katrina co-founded the Canadian Council of Young Feminists, bridging the gap between young leaders, global citizenship and Canadian parliamentarians.

With extensive expertise in youth peacebuilding in conflict-affected areas, Katrina has been coordinating the Young Women for Peace and Leadership (YWPL) program in the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan since 2016. In Canada, Katrina is an advisor to the Board of Directors of the Manitoba Women for Women of South Sudan where she provides strategic advice to the members of the diaspora community on peacebuilding and gender mainstreaming.

As Communications Coordinator, Katrina manages online content, translations, publications, and marketing for GNWP. She was the publication coordinator for GNWP’s From Best Practice to Standard Practice: A toolkit on the Localization of the UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women and Peace and Security; co-author of Our Voice Makes a Difference: A Civil Society Guide to Advocacy on Women, Peace and Security; publication coordinator and contributor to No Money, No NAP: Manual for Costing and Budgeting National Action Plans on UNSCR 1325; and, author of the Girl Ambassadors for Peace: Young Women and Girls Read and Lead to Counter Violent Extremism and Build Peace.

As an Indigenous woman from the Domaine du Roy et de la Seigneurie de Mingan Métis Nation, Katrina has worked with regional and national stakeholders for educational, Francophone and Indigenous rights in Canada. Most recently, she coordinated, on behalf of Senator McPhedran’s office, legislative amendments to eliminate sex-based inequities for Indigenous women in the Indian Act of 1876.