Hon. Elisabeth (Betty) Achan Ogwaro ( South Sudan )

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Hon. Elisabeth (Betty) Achan Ogwaro ( South Sudan )
: Board Member

The Hon. Elisabeth (Betty) Ogwaro is a Member of Parliament (currently the National Transitional Legislative Assembly) of South Sudan. She is one of the nine members of the leadership of the National Dialogue Steering Committee (May 2017-date). Hon. Ogwaro is a trained Mediator and Negotiator. She has also trained many women in mediation and negotiation skills especially at the grassroots levels. She provides technical support to women members of Parliament and local leaders especially chiefs to foster peace in their communities.

She is a Founder of the South Sudan Women Parliamentary Caucus (2006). She is also a core founding member of South Sudanese Women Leaders for Peace (Dec 2013) and South Sudanese Women Peace Network (2014). Her publication on Peace and Security includes: Initiatives to end violence in Northern Uganda and a contributing author (2016) in “Women Leadership” edited by Mariam Van Reissen. 

Hon. Ogwaro was one of the five members of the mediation team which negotiated a peace settlement between the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and the Government of Uganda. She is also the former Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Cooperatives and Rural Development of South Sudan.