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Alexandria Kazmerik ( Canada )
: Research and Advocacy Intern

Alexandria is completing her bachelor’s degree at the University of Winnipeg in Human Rights with a minor in Disability Studies. Alexandria’s research has primarily focused on the additional barriers faced by women with disabilities in conflict situations and within the peace movement; and, ensuring women and girls with disabilities have equal access to education.

She is the founder of a community program for elementary school students teaching healthy ways of coping with conflict and intergenerational trauma in Winnipeg, Canada. Through this program, she has partnered with young mothers to assist them in achieving personal goals, such as post-secondary education and providing resources for healthy parenting and leaving domestic violence situations.

Last year, Alexandria completed a practicum with the Office of the Hon. Marilou McPhedran, independent Senator for Manitoba (Canada). Throughout this placement, Alexandria extensively researched issues surrounding the mass incarceration of Indigenous women in Canada. She is now continuing to partner with local organizations in Canada working to ensure the systemic issues leading to mass incarceration are addressed and that women’s experiences are being heard.

At GNWP, Alexandria primarily provides support to the Young Women for Peace and Leadership (YWPL) program and other research projects.