Attacks on walk-to-work campaign, Uganda – May 12, 2011

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Statement on the attack against the walk-to-work campaign in Uganda

The International Civil society Action Network – Global Network of Women Peacebuilders (ICAN-GNWP) strongly condemn the crack down on the peaceful walk-to-work campaign in Uganda that was initiated against high food and fuel prices last month. We denounce the government’s use of excessive force on those taking part in the protests and condemn its violent response to its citizens’ rights to freedom of expression.

The unrest in Uganda comes at a time when democratic revolutions are sweeping through North Africa and the Middle East. We demand that the Ugandan government refrain from the same use of violence inflicted upon civilians in other parts of the region.

We call upon the Government of Uganda to prioritize the well-being of its citizens; to provide food to local districts and communities that are facing hunger due to the extended drought; and to engage in dialogue with the campaign organizers. We further call upon the Government to take actiontowards reduction of high fuel prices; soaring food prices; rising unemployment; and other social injustices; and demand that it stop the persecution of political leaders immediately.

The Government of Uganda should, without delay, end the unjustified extremism, which threatens the peace and stability in Uganda, and investigate and prosecute those who have committed violence against humanity during the walk-to-work campaigns. We also urge the Government to speak with women’s organizations and build on the work of women in peacemaking and peacebuilding across the country.

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Thursday, May 12, 2011