South Sudan

South Sudan

Leadership Skills & Community Empowerment

In South Sudan, the YWL program trained young literate women and girls from conflict-affected areas to become ambassadors for equality and peace. They underwent training on how to conduct literacy education, build leadership skills, and learn about UNSCR 1325 and the supporting resolutions on Women, Peace and Security. Once the training was completed, participants continued the initiative by teaching literacy and other skills to young women and girls who have had little or no access to formal education within their own communities. Literacy classes are also conducted in the Rhino Refugee Camp in Uganda where a number of young women have been relocated since war broke out again in 2017.
Literacy & Numeracy

Given the disproportionate gap in literacy rates between men and women in South Sudan, our program focuses on a gender-sensitive literacy as the first step towards empowerment. Since the outbreak of the war in 2016, many members of this chapter were forced to relocate to refugee camps in neighbouring Uganda. As formal education in the refugee camps was bleak, the YWL conducted monthly literacy and numeracy training to young women, in order within the Ugandan camps to ensure they continue their education.

Leadership Skills

In this program, young South Sudanese women defy gender and age stereotypes by being leaders, agents of change and peacebuilders in their communities. They continue to challenge traditional norms and demand the inclusion of women and young women in South Sudanese peace efforts, including monitoring the ongoing peace agreement.

Community Theatre

As a tool to promote literacy young women peacebuilders used community theatre to build a sense of peace and non-violence within these refugee camps. They performed skits tackling issues of conflict resolution and encouraged creative problem-solving to the matters they showcased. These skits were well-received by members of the community and introduced a collaborative approach to peace building through the fostering of dialogue and understanding.

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