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Simone Mbodé Diouf

Simone Mbodé Diouf

Program Officer for Africa

Simone Diouf is a Program Officer for Africa at GNWP. She holds degrees in international law and development economics from the University of Grenoble, as well as in peace studies from the University of Paris Dauphine. As a 2021 Youth Ambassador for the international NGO ONE Campaign, she is committed to access to quality education for children and equitable access to vaccines in Africa. She is passionate about peace, security, gender and development issues, particularly in the Sahel region. 

Simone has written research papers and articles on the operationalization of the security-development nexus within the G5 Sahel, the Africanization of counterterrorism in the region, and the involvement of women in the prevention of violent extremism. Simone is also a volunteer analyst with the Strategic Think Tank for Sahel Security. Her areas of interest are women’s political participation, implementation of Women, Peace and Security, Youth, Peace and Security, conflict prevention, and peacebuilding in Africa.