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Increase in SGBV, including domestic violence

Impact on women and gender equality

Increase in SGBV, including domestic violence

The COVID-19 crisis has shed light on the other global health “shadow pandemic”: domestic violence. The mandatory isolation and social distancing policies have aggravated domestic violence, as they have trapped some women at home with their abusers. At the same time, women’s shelters and domestic violence hotlines are struggling to meet the increasing demand. Loss of incomes and other challenges have further contributed to a global rise in sexual and gender-based violence.

In Colombia, the volume of calls to a “Linea Purpura" domestic violence hotline in the capital, Bogota has increased by 200% during the period March-September 2020. In Cameroon, cases of violence against women have increased by 20%. The lockdown measures have also disrupted women’s access to protective health and psychosocial support.

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