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Increase in fake news

Impact on peace and security

Increase in fake news

In the context of the global COVID-19 crisis, nearly every country has seen unprecedented increases in fake news. Misinformation about government responses – such as curfews, school closures, and mobility restrictions – and other false and misleading information have been circulating online, including on social media.

In DRC, GNWP partners have noted an increase in fake news, including through the trivialization of the disease, and sharing superstitious misinformation, in addition to a surge in counterfeit medicine sales. The increase in fake news has had an impact of women who sell their products at the market because they find it difficult to respect protection measures due to the spread of misinformation. Misinformation also encourages people to treat COVID-19 at home, using traditional remedies, rather than seek medical help. This significant increase in fake news has led to some deaths. For example, false information had been circulated about the treatment of COVID-19 with a traditional decoction, and in Kinshasa a woman had given it to her two children, which was fatal for both of them.

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