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Impact on delivery of humanitarian aid and relief

Impact on peace and security

Impact on delivery of humanitarian aid and relief

The COVID-19 crisis has generated new humanitarian needs of immense proportions and countries with existing humanitarian crises are exceedingly vulnerable.  At the same time, humanitarian actors are facing challenges to reach the most vulnerable communities.

In Burundi, Human Rights Watch reported that several humanitarian organizations have been blocked from reaching and providing assistance to people in quarantine sites. A well-informed humanitarian source speaking to Human Rights Watch said, “over a hundred people, including children who had fallen ill, were released last week from a quarantine site in Giteranyi, Muyinga province". In some cases, quarantined people were released after a few hours or days in quarantine and had been held without food or water in appalling sanitary conditions for several days. GNWP partners report that families living in camps or sites for displaced persons or refugees, the majority of whom are women and children, are at greater risk of being exposed to COVID-19 because they live in precarious conditions and cannot access humanitarian assistance.

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