Radio Broadcast 5: Girl Ambassadors for Peace in DRC

The fifth of the series of radio broadcasts by the Girl Ambassadors for Peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo aired on October 27th, 2016! With our partner the Synergie des associations feminines du Congo (SAFECO) and the Radio Star FM 99.2 MHZ in Bukavu, the girls were able to discuss issues of women’s empowerment within their cultural context in both Swahili and French. As part of an initiative to build peaceful communities and empower women and girls, they have put together skits which discuss the importance of the Security Council Resolution 1325 to understand and claim their rights.

Along with identifying key local and international organisations, the Girl Ambassadors tell their auditory that women’s rights is key to attaining peace in the DRC. Special addition to this fifth broadcast as the Girl Ambassadors discuss sexual violence and women’s economic empowerment. The Girls condone domestic abuse and further identify ways to prevent or respond to the violence.


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