Women’s Information Center

Women’s Information Center is a non-profit organization, which supports the establishment of democratic values through the protection of women’s rights and promotion of gender equality. The organization has been working since 2000 and obtained since then public trust and interest.
Women’s Information Center is still working for the interest of the Georgian society and continues the implementation of goals and tasks that will support the promotion of democratic processes.
To contribute to the political, economic and social conditions of women through the improvement of the national legislation, improvement in access to information and awareness-raising on their rights and opportunities.
Women for Equality, Peace and Development – financed by the Government of Norway; Goal of the project is to support the efforts and strengthen the capacities of IDP and conflict-affected women’s groups, other partners from civil society and government to advance gender equality and women’s human rights in Georgia.
Monitoring of National and International Obligations Implementation in the Field of Women’s Rights – financed by Global Fund for Women (GFW). Project aims at monitoring of international and national obligations implementation in order to protect and fulfill women’s rights in Georgia.
Empowered Women for Public Life – financed by US Embassy. Project aims at shaping public opinion through mass media in order to increase understanding, awareness and value of a gendered perspective for creating the internal pressure necessary to further the demand for gender equality and women’s rights.

Contact Information
Address: 40 Tsinamdzgvrishili Street, Tbilisi, 0102 Georgia
Phone: + 995 32 2952934
Fax: +995 32 2942699
Email: office@ginsc.net