Women and Allies Peacebuilders Network (WAP)

Background: The Women and Allies Peacebuilders Network (WAP) – Réseau des Femmes et Alliés Artisans de la Paix (RAP) is an alliance of men and women working towards the strengthening of peace in Burundi. The founders are members of human rights associations working for the inclusive participation of both men and women in peacemaking and development processes, and specifically seek to ensure the real involvement of women to achieve lasting peace.
Mission: Since 2007, the network has been working under the umbrella of WOMEN PEACEMAKERS PROGRAMME, WPP/Burundi. (The WPP office in Africa was first established in Ghana.) In November of 2010, WAP was created with the aim of creating better coordination in regards to civil society initiatives related to the advocacy and monitoring of peace and security issues, specifically UNSCR 1325 and 1820.
Programs: RAP/WAP focuses on interventions in peace and security in post-conflict Burundi, necessary for lasting development. Through spreading information and awareness on UN Resolutions 1325 and 1820 on women, peace and security, the network reaches all provinces of the country, operating at all areas of national life.