Wi’am Palestinian Conflict Resolution and Transformation Center

Wi’am is a grassroots organization established in Bethlehem in 1995 that works in Palestine. It strives to build a democratic and pluralistic society with a focus on active participation of a wide range of community members – women, children and youth – in community building and the use of non-violent methods to deal with conflicts.
Wi’am’s mission is to create a civilized community that cherishes peace building values, enjoys healthy relationships with an empowered civil society system, improves inter-communal relationships and enhances peaceful and transformative means of reconciliation.
Wi’am’s program infuses women with hope, empowers them, and draws them into civil society where they participate in transforming the society in which they live. In the programs, participants engage in policy and advocacy strategies that are aimed at bringing about social change, increasing democratic principles in both political and social venues, and building and maintaining a sustainable peace. Wi’am works closely with the Ministry of Women Affairs on the 1325 National Action Plan, and to ratify CEDAW.
One of the main goals of WI’AM is to share information, solutions, and stories that are compelling, engaging, and informative in mobilizing community leaders, media, lawyers, and other key stakeholders to advance women’s rights, fight for their security and protection, and combat negative gender perceptions and violence. Wi’am participates at international and regional conferences to exchange knowledge and best practices, inform strategies and approaches to ending violence against women, and foster linkage, connection, and collaboration between women’s rights activists at the national, regional, and international levels.
Wi’am is continues to utilize mechanisms including CEDAW, UN CSW, CRC, UNSCRs 1325 and 1820, and the Beijing Platform for Action to lobby international policymakers and UN representatives to hold national governments accountable for implementing standards and conventions to which they are signatory.
Wi’am has implemented a variety of programs and campaigns, built awareness on Domestic violence, Conflict Transformation, Women inheritance, CEDAW, UNSCR 1325, Gender Equality.

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