The Coalition for Action on 1325 (COACT)

The Coalition for Action on 1325, (COACT) works through member organizations to address the needs of women at all Levels in Uganda. COACT was founded in 2014 by civil society organizations working on peace and human security in Uganda to strengthen civil society voice, coordination and joint action for the full implementation of UN Resolution 1325 in Uganda; and to share learning, experiences and good practice so we know what to scale up and what to customize. Membership to COACT remains open. Our Mission: To engage and develop individual and institutional capacities to deliver on the women, peace and security agenda Our Vision: A coalition of excellence that contributes to a world in which women realize their full potential Our work Customizing: COACT facilitates the localizing of the implementation of the Uganda National Action Plan (NAP) on UNSCR 1325, 1820 and the Goma Declaration. We support District Local Governments to design strategic interventions that make the NAP a reality for the grassroots women it was intended to benefit. Stimulating: COACT strengthens capabilities of women’s community based organizations (CBOs) to build their organizations, plan and implement interventions that contribute to peace building and post conflict development in their communities. We facilitate processes that strengthen the voice of women’s CBOs to effectively engage Local Government Leaders to respond to the needs and concerns of women in their localities, through policy, budgetary and program interventions. Furthering: COACT nurtures the capabilities of individual women for meaningful and effective engagement in peacebuilding and leadership. Deepening: COACT facilitates the utilization of national laws, policies and international protocols that promote gender equality and women’s empowerment: We document women’s stories as well as trends of progress or reversals in women’s human security to inform policy and advocacy at national, regional and international levels Connecting: We link women peacebuilders in Uganda enhancing their knowledge, maximizing synergy, and creating opportunities for friendships, networks and collaboration. We bring together women who are actively engaged in interventions Inspiring: We provide opportunities for women to participate in national, regional and international events, conferences and seminars that stir unmatched enthusiasmand explore their creativity. We provide space for young women to listen to orread about women leaders of exceptional accomplishment toinspire them to aimhigher and to achievemore Influencing: We believe that peace and human security are a precursor for a meaningful development. We will influence policy at every possible levelby providing alternative mechanisms supported by research that help improve our understanding of the relationship between conflict and development, thus promoting cutting edge and custom made interventions.