Tears of Women

Background: Tears of Women Organization was formed in 1998 chartered by the Republic of Kenya under the vast Ministry of Gender and social services. Having faced the direct brunt of war, conflicts and other forms of violence women are direct victims of post election violence in Kenya. Tears of Women has been instrumental in negotiating with warring tribes and parties to restore peace and harmony within the communities. The organization has been in the forefront in enhancing the role of women in peace building, including organizing forums for sharing experiences of the violence suffered as well as cross learning. The work of TOW is concentrated in the Mt. Elgon and North Rift Regions at large.
Mission: Its vision is to ensure that the rights of women are promoted, realized and protected in order to enable them to enjoy fully all their human rights.
Programs: The focus on women’s capacity building, originated from a need to tackle cross-cutting issues like illiteracy, poverty, early motherhood, prostitution, drug abuse and gender violence. The goal is to turn around this situation and make women participate fully in the development of their livelihood assets. Tears of Women thus addresses issues such as education, HIV/AIDS, gender advocacy, conflict resolution, Human Rights and governance.