Society for Appraisal & Women Empowerment in Rural Areas (SAWERA)

SAWERA is women led NGO working in Federally Administrated Tribal Areas in particular and in KP in general, in Pakistan. The inspiration behind the establishment of SAWERA is like-minded, educated women of FATA to gather and think about the developmental interventions and also focus on marginalized portions who are repeatedly ignored by authorities. The outcome of these deliberations and efforts was the creation of SAWERA in the year 2004. SAWERA is a voluntary not-for-profit organization dedicated to social and economic development with due regard for gender mainstreaming and social protection, specially focusing the backward areas and marginalized portion of the communities like women and children. The founding members have rich experiences in social engineering, participatory development, disaster management, gender mainstreaming and poverty alleviation initiatives through resource management in a systematic approach. The vision of the organization is: “To develop a just society based on equality, non-discrimination, honor and dignity, peace; security for all and where individual are respected without status, tribe, ethnicity or religion.” The mission is: “To help sustain grass roots institution and enable them to undertake their own development through effective institutional development and livelihood strategies.”