Sankalpa – Women’s Alliance for Peace, Justice and Democracy

Sankalpa – Women’s Alliance for Peace, Justice and Democracy, is an alliance of 11 diverse women’s organization that have worked together in an alliance – “Women’s Alliance for Peace, Power and Constituent Assembly” (WAPPDCA) – since 2006. Sankalpa literally means resolve, promise, commitment, and determination. Sankalpa was initiated after the peace process began in April 2006, and was legally established on 24 June, 2011 after being registered at the local district administration office.
Sankalpa has a vision of peaceful, just, equitable and democratic Nepal where women play a decisive and powerful role in governance and politics. The organization works with the mission of alliance with the mission 50-50: women will participate equally in all spheres of Nepali life with focus on increasing their role and contribution in the constitutional bodies and state institutions. The goal of the organization is increased decisive and powerful role of women in peace, governance and politics.
Currently Sankalpa has one major project on women’s participation and representation, and implementation of UNSCR 1325 & 1820. The project is supported by The Royal Norwegian Embassy with an additional small grant from Volunteer Service Oversees (VSO) Nepal, on women participation & representation issue.
The goal of the project is to ensure women representation and rights in the government, political parties, private sectors at all levels, and that conflict affected women have access to social justice. The purpose of the project is to implement of the National Action Plan on UNSCR 1325 and 1820; to show that the relevant state and non state actors are functioning in a coordinated way to achieve national indicators of the five pillars; and to increase representation of women in political parties, civil service and at national and sub national governance structures.

Contact Information
Sankalpa Office
PO Box 279
Bakhundole, Lalitpur, Nepal
Ph No: +977-1-5554158, 016912305/5544612