SAFECO –Synergie des Associations Feminines du Congo (Synergy of Congolese Women’s Associations)

SAFECO is an association of women and women-led NGOs who encourage and support one another with a peace agenda and a development agenda that prioritizes human rights and rights of nature, including a Congolese Bill of Rights, a holistic national action plan that includes distributed solar electrical generation systems, telecommunication networks, clean water and sanitation systems, health clinics, and educational infrastructures through emerging technologies, projects for roads, farm and ranch management, and even eco-tourism. Their main programs include f.e. “Women Witness Congo”, a program for media and internet training for women, “Go Network”, a nationwide telecommunication solution that aims to connect the entire country including the rural areas of Congo to reach and join the mostly illiterate women to one another, and also programs that help women and girls with disabilities.