Research Institute for Women, Peace and Security (RIWPS)

Background: Following the first Consultative Peace Jirga in Afghanistan during 2010, based on an increased need for a specific organization working on issues of Women Peace & Security, RIWPS was founded by Afghan women activists. However, RIWPS officially got registered with the Ministry of Economy during the first quarter of 2012.
Mission: Priority Area : Research & Evidence Building
To create and promote an understanding of the roles women play in achieving and maintaining peace and security at the grassroots levels. To identify, document and disseminate issues of protection from gender based violence that hinder women’s participation in the peace & security sectors.
Priority Area: Advocacy & Mobilization
To ensure women’s perspectives are incorporated into national and regional security plans by using the knowledge generated through research to support advocacy efforts directed at the Afghan government and international community.
To advocate & lobby for women’s participation in the national, regional and international platforms, negotiations, peace & reconciliation processes using the grassroots knowledge base and mobilization.
To promote regional cooperation and build regional support for Afghan women by facilitating regional and bilateral people-to-people exchanges between Afghanistan and Pakistan, and Afghanistan and India.
Priority Area: Training & Empowerment
To establish platforms for women leaders in local communities to advocate for their inclusion in decision-making and protection of their rights by building their advocacy skills and facilitating engagement with grassroots peace building and conflict resolution mechanisms.
Programs: RIWPS – Afghanistan is working closely with the High Peace Council focusing on women’s meaningful participation in the peace processes as well as with the local organizations and activists for building community based inclusive peace. Other local stakeholders include the Women’s Affairs Commission of the Parliament (both houses), the Afghan Women’s Coalition, the Shelter’s Network in Afghanistan.

Contact information:
Office Address: Taimani, Street 8, Kabul. House # 43
RIWPS Email: / /
Mobile No: 0093-0792615421