Partenaires Contre la Pauvreté (PACOPA)

PACOPA was founded in 2002 in Uvira City, in the South Kivu Province of Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) by women driven by humanism, at a time when the country was still a war-torn country. Eastern DRC has experienced numerous human rights violations, in particular violations of Congolese women and girls. Conflict and human rights violations continue to this day in Eastern DRC. In December 2012, PACOPA began its work in the South Kivu province as a nonprofit organization (No. JUST112 / SK / 3703/2012). The organization’s objectives are to denounce violations of human rights, to demand that humanitarian actors have the freedom to provide assistance, to popularize legal instruments protecting human rights, to investigate and document specific cases of violations the rights of women victims of violence during armed conflict, to defend and promote human rights, peace and security and community development.