Operation 1325

Background: Operation 1325 is a Swedish civil society organization working for the implementation of UNSCR 1325, in Sweden and in partnership with women’s and peace organizations around the world. Founded by several Swedish women’s and peace organizations in 2003, Operation 1325 today serves as an umbrella organization advocating for the implementation of UNSCR 1325 in Swedish international peacebuilding and conflict management effort.
Mission: The goal of Operation 1325 is to implement UNSCR 1325 and increase women’s participation and decision making in conflict prevention, conflict resolution, peacebuilding and post-conflict reconstruction.
Programs: Every year Operation 1325 monitors Sweden’s implementation of the national action plan on UNSCR 1325 and participates in the civil society’s shadow report on the CEDAW convention. They have carried out the Women Count monitoring report for four years and this year they produced the UNSCR 1325 Progress Scorecard of Sweden. Their current international projects include, among others, media as a peacekeeping and security building operator in the MENA region, coordination of the WPS agenda in Albania and the 1325 agenda in Turkey. In 2016, they will continue to support and develop their existing network of women’s and peace organizations in the MENA region by establishing a network of women mediators, increasing their communication with women’s and peace organizations in Turkey, Albania and Latin America and focusing their international projects on long-term approaches and methodology.

Contact Information:
+46 8 676 05 09

Website: http://www.operation1325.se