National Women Security Watch (NWSW)

National Women Security Watch (NWSW) group is a loose network of 13 organizations (IHRICON, FWLD, HAMRO ABHIYAN, SAFERWORLD, AFN, FEDO, JAGARAN MEDIA, POURAKHI, INSEC, SANCHARIKA, JAGARAN NEPAL, SAATHI, WATCH DOG FORUM NEPAL AND YAC). NWS WACTH works for women’s empowerment and international peace and security. The group also helps protect women facing arms and other forms of violence. The group was created in response to several issues affecting women among which were: the exclusion of women in national and security planning and implementation, the need to establish a relief fund for victimized women, the need to empower women and ensure their livelihood, the need to present a status report on the implementation of UNSCR 1325, the need to empower the civil society, especially women for the implementation of security related national and international laws and treaties; the importance of women’s involvement in decision making process for a sustainable peace. Mission The mission of NWSW is to monitor the implementation of the UNSCR 1325 and 1820. The group also aims at developing meaningful strategies and activities that will increase security at grassroots and international levels. NWSW will also act as a lobby group to push for the adoption of international instruments related to arms and ammunition.