Informal Sector Service Center (INSEC)

Background: INSEC was founded in 1988 by inexorable HR defender late Prakash Kaphley and prominent HR activist Sushil Pyakurel. Started with the objective of protecting the rights of people engaged in informal sectors, it has significantly contributed in protection and promotion of fundamental rights of people in virtually all sectors. INSEC has been involving itself in campaigns, awareness creation and education programmes for the promotion of “all rights for all”. Collection and dissemination of primary information related to human rights is the trademark of INSEC. In addition, INSEC has been implementing specific HR awareness and capacity development programmes targeting marginalized people including the Dalits, women, ex-kamaiyas, ex-haliyas, bonded agricultural laborers and children, especially at grassroots level. Vision: A country where citizens are aware of human rights and democratic freedoms and the governing agencies fully respect, protect, promote and fulfill all human rights of citizens. Mission: INSEC works as a watchdog for the cause of human rights through research and documentation, community mobilization, public education and awareness, and lobbying and advocacy. Goal: Protection and promotion of human rights for social justice in Nepal Programs: Research-Action-Organization (RAO) as one of the key working modalities, INSEC has categorized its initiatives into two types first the core programmes supported by four institutional funding partners and second the periodic projects. INSEC’s programme priority consist four thematic areas i.e. human rights monitoring and documentation, human rights awareness and capacity development, promoting peace and strengthening democracy and Human rights Advocacy. Under core programme, there are three components viz. Monitoring Human Rights and Providing Emergency Support to Victims, Educating Local People on Rights and Duties, and Making Authorities Responsive and Campaign and Advocacy for Human Rights Promotion. Besides, currently, seven other periodic projects are also undergoing under INSEC.

The core programmes are diverse in nature, coverage and other aspects i.e. from civil and political rights to ESC right, from grassroots to national and international level and from human rights monitoring, documentation to education and lobby/advocacy. As for instance, the project component one intend to monitor, document and dissemination of human rights information and project component two imparts knowledge on human rights and government facilities and entitlements intend to make the grassroots level people capable for advocating their rights. These initiatives intend to promote interfaces between service providers and service holders in connection with protection and promotion of children, women and rights of other vulnerable communities. Likely, the project component three advocates for the rights women, Dalits and other marginalized and disadvantaged groups. It also works for localization and effective implementation of UNSCR 1325 and 1820. It also advocates for promulgation of human rights policies and laws and their effective implementation. Moreover, it facilitates in creating favorable environment for long-term peace by discouraging impunity and supporting constitution building and inclusive democracy initiatives. In addition, some projects focusing different issues related to HRDs (Protection of Human Rights Defenders in Nepal), local security (Community Initiatives for Common Understanding) among others are also contributing to the overall goal of the organization. Contact

Information: Informal Sector Service Center (INSEC) Syuchatar, Kalanki, Kathmandu, Nepal P.O. Box 2726


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