Afghan Women’s Resource Center (AWRC)

Background: AWRC was created in Peshawar, Pakistan, where an important Afghan refugees community settled to flee the civil war. After the withdrawal of the Talibans in 2002, AWRC was one of the first NGO to establish a branch in Kabul. It started with only 8 staff members and is constituted now of 140 staff members.
Mission: It aims at empowering women and improve their economic and social well-being by providing education and economic resources and support, so they can actively take part in the decision making processes which affect their lives.
Programs: AWRC operates in four sectors: education, agriculture and livelihood, capacity building, and advocacy and community mobilisation. It also engages in advocacy to eliminate discrimination and violence against women by sensitise the communities and raising awareness. The organisation also represents the Afghan women in national and international conferences and assemblies.