Afghan Women’s Network (AWN)

Background: The Afghan Women’s Network (AWN) was founded after the United Nations fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing took place in 1995. AWN is a cornerstone of Afghanistan’s fledging women’s movement, serving as a well-established network for the growing number of women’s organizations and individual members operating in the country. AWN has had a strong presence in several Afghan provinces through AWN’s secretariat in Kabul, Herat, Jalalabad and other provinces through its 112 members.
Mission: The Afghan Women’s Network is a non-partisan, non-profit network of women and women’s NGOs working to empower Afghan women and ensure their equal participation in Afghan society. The members of the Network also recognize the value and role of children as the future of Afghanistan and, as such, regard the empowerment and protection of children as fundamental to their work. The Network seeks to enhance the effectiveness of its members by fostering partnerships and collaboration between members, undertaking advocacy and lobbying, and building their individual capacities.
Programmes: The different programmes are divided into three different categories: networking and coordination, advocacy and lobbying and capacity building. AWN fulfills the role of a network of organizations, as well as undertaking its own advocacy function, addressing issues such as gender-based violence, youth empowerment and girl’s education.