B4P CODEFOUND is a Community Development Foundation embarked on a mission to contribute to Liberia’s postwar reconstruction and development processes by contributing to gender equality and women’s empowerment. The establishment of B4P CODEFOUND has been influenced by the continuing challenges and limitations of women and girls in the areas of peacebuilding as well as development, and the lack of sustainable initiatives which create gaps for dealing with the specific needs and livelihood of women, their families and the communities they serve through their post-war engagements. Like in many other post-conflict societies, Liberian women, despite their resilience, and bravery in promoting peace activism, have struggled and continue to struggle in striking a balance in transitioning from a period of conflict and violence to post-conflict reconstruction.  The Foundation envisions an entrepreneurial environment in which Liberian women and girls provide the leadership and talent to create business models that contribute to sustainable peace, economic growth and development for all Liberians. It seeks to increase the voice and agency of Liberian women and girls through peacebuilding and economic development initiatives at all levels within their communities.