Maureen Okpe

Maureen Okpe

Youth Peacebuilding Influencer

Mauren Ache Okpe is a developmental journalist with Global Sentinel, an online media in Nigeria. She holds a B.Sc in Sociology with a Masters in Public Administration from Benue State University.

As a journalist whose reporting focuses mostly on youth, women and gender issues, she promotes awareness-raising and advocacy efforts around issues that impact women and the family. Her work particularly aims to ameliorate the suffering of rural and urban women in Nigerian communities.

She has experience advocating for local communities to receive basic amenities. Through her journalism, she hopes to create peace and bring to light the stories and experiences of women and the need for gender equality.

Maureen is also a member of the GNWP’s Young Women Leaders for Peace chapter in Nigeria and a peacebuilder with WANEP-NIGERIA. As a trained peacebuilder, she aims to find ways to enhance peace in society and spread the culture of peace.