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Internships with GNWP are available in New York only, as we do not have offices outside of New York, USA. For internships and volunteering positions on women’s rights and women, peace and security issues abroad, please contact members of the Global Network of Women throughout the world. Below is a broad description of internship duties associated with positions with GNWP members.


This internship/volunteering position consists of various research and training projects, along with some administrative responsibilities such as:

·      Monitoring policy deliberations on the United Nations Security Council Resolutions (UNSCRs) on Women, Peace and Security; post 2015 developmental agenda; CEDAW; and other international and local laws and policies relevant to women and peacebuilding;

·      Assisting members and staff with any preparations for regional or international meetings and conferences;

·      Drafting country-level program reports on National Action Plans and/or other policies;

·      Serving as liaison between GNWP members in the country and the GNWP International Coordination Team in New York; 

·      Using social media platforms to support national, regional and global advocacy on women’s rights and women, peace and security issues; and

·      Basic office administration (This will be a small but required part of the internship and volunteering position.


·      Background/interest in public policy and advocacy, with a particular interest in women’s rights issues; and amplifying the voices of grassroots women at the global level;

·      Knowledge of international and local policies that impact the livelihood of women;

·      Awareness of the ongoing issues in country of internship preferred;

·      Excellent information and communication skills, with attention to evolving strategies that bring issues on women, peace and security to the public forum;

·      Strong writing and research abilities;

·      Self-sufficient, with the ability to meet deadlines and keep commitments with little to no supervision;

·      French or Spanish language skills are highly preferred;

·      Willingness to work alongside multicultural civil society groups in order to achieve short-term and long-term goals;

·      Creativity, ingenuity and enthusiasm are highly encouraged and always welcomed.

If you are interested in interning with a GNWP member, please view the member directory here.

Currently, we are unaware of available internship positions with our members. Please inquire directly with the member that you are interested in interning with and send an application cover letter and resume to the member, with “internship/volunteering abroad” on the subject field of your email.