Hree Dharma Santhi Putri Samudra

Hree Dharma Santhi Putri Samudra

Peacebuilding Program Intern for Asia and the Pacific

Hree Dharma Santhi Putri Samudra is the Associate for Asia and the Pacific Peacebuilding Programs at GNWP. She is a dedicated researcher and advocate specializing in women, peace and security, nuclear security policy, diplomacy and international relations in the Asia Pacific region. With a profound interest in these areas, as well as ASEAN studies, Chinese politics, and Indonesian politics and foreign policy, Hree is committed to advancing gender equality, promoting peacebuilding initiatives and amplifying the voices of marginalized communities.

Through her current research work and active involvement in organizations like the International Association for Political Students (IAPSS) as a Researcher for the Asia & Oceania Student Research Committee and as an Ambassador for the Journal of Science Policy & Governance (JSPG), Hree has consistently demonstrated her dedication to bridging the gap between academia and practical policy solutions.

Hree’s past internships and experiences have further enriched her understanding of political dynamics in the region. As an Extern at the Volunteer Ambassador (VAMBA) Externship Program, she collaborated with the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Philippines, contributing to diplomatic initiatives. Additionally, her time as a Research Assistant Intern at Laboratorium 2045 and The Habibie Center in Jakarta provided valuable insights into the political landscape of ASEAN countries.

Hree holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from the University of Padjadjaran, where she achieved a remarkable GPA and earned University’s List recognition, and is anticipated to graduate with Cum Laude honors. She has also been admitted to the Master of Arts program in Asian Studies at Georgetown University’s Walsh School of Foreign Service, where she has decided to defer until Fall 2024 to continue her pursuit of knowledge and expertise.

In her research endeavors, Hree’s undergraduate thesis on “Analysis of China’s Health Diplomacy towards Indonesia’s Health Sector (2017-2021)" exemplifies her commitment to understanding the intersection of health diplomacy and international relations, shedding light on the implications for Indonesia’s development and global cooperation. This research emphasizes the importance of inclusivity and collaborative approaches to achieve sustainable peace and security.

As a hijabi from a developing country, Hree is passionate about championing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) within peacebuilding efforts. She believes in the power of recognizing and valuing diverse perspectives, as it is essential for fostering meaningful and sustainable change in communities affected by conflict.