FOCUS GROUP DISCUSSION: On the Civil Society Organization (CSO) Survey for the Global Study on Implementation of UNSCR 1325

FOCUS GROUP DISCUSSION: On the Civil Society Organization (CSO) Survey for the Global Study on Implementation of UNSCR 1325

The first women, peace and security (WPS) resolution, UNSCR 1325, was written almost 15 years ago. UNSCR 1325 was born from global advocacy by women peacebuilders in conflict zones worldwide. The resolution stipulated women’s participation in all areas of conflict prevention, peacebuilding, and post-conflict reconstruction processes, as well as the protection of the rights of women during armed conflict. However, women’s perspectives remain underrepresented and their participation in decision-making positions in WPS is deficient.

GNWP has been conducting outreach for the past three months for the Civil Society Survey (CSO), in preparation for the UN Security Council High-level Review to evaluate the implementation of UNSCR 1325 at regional, national and global levels. The UN Secretary General (SG) commissioned a Global Study that will highlight “good practice examples, gaps and challenges, as well as emerging trends and priorities for action on UNSCR 1325 implementation.” Results from the survey and focus groups will be included in the study that will inform the SG’s annual report to the Security Council on women, peace and security in 2015.

GNWP held 16 focus groups around the world in order to facilitate exchange among the CSO representatives to identify similarities, differences and common themes related to their answers in the CSO Survey, and also to expand upon answers not fully captured by the CSO Survey. Cordaid and the following GNWP member organizations facilitated focus groups around the world.

Afghanistan: Afghan Women’s Network

Burundi: Cordaid, in collaboration with Fontaine Isoko

Colombia: Coalicion 1325

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC): CAFCO

DRC: Cordaid

Guatemala: IEPADES

Israel, Haifa Women’s Coalition in collaboration with Cordaid

Nepal: 1325 Action Group

Norway: Forum 1325

Philippines: WE ACT 1325

Rwanda: Rwandan Women’s Network

Serbia: Association Dea Dia

South Sudan: Cordaid

Sweden: 1325 Policy Group

Uganda, COACT 1325

United Kingdom (UK): GAPS UK


Photos are from the focus groups: Association Dea Dia, Serbia and CAFCO, Democratic Republic of Congo.

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By Lori Perkovich, Research and Advocacy Intern, Global Network of Women Peacebuilders.