Democratic Republic of Congo

Democratic Republic of Congo

Economic Empowerment & Education

The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has long struggled with conflict and violence against women. In 2014, the Young Women Leaders Program launched in South Kivu and is driving transformational change in communities. We are witnessing a change in young women being encouraged by their families to pursue education and become economically independent.

In the provinces of North and South Kivu, our program supports young women to become entrepreneurs and develop micro-businesses. As their businesses become profitable, the young women business owners decided to contribute in turn to their own communities. They invest some of their earnings in monthly literacy and peacebuilding courses that they conduct in nearby rural communities to help other aspiring young women leaders.

Literacy & Numeracy

Young Women Leaders continue to conduct literacy and numeracy skills training in Eastern DRC and the Great Lakes Region. Young women who complete the program are taking their skills into rural communities to enhance literacy, promote peaceful dialogue and coexistence, raise awareness of the Women, Peace and Security and Youth, Peace and Security resolutions.

Economic Empowerment

In the provinces of North and South Kivu, GNWP trained local young women to design, create and run micro-businesses. This provided them with basic incomes, which has allowed them to sustain their work and increase their financial independence. The young women are raising rabbits, growing vegetables, and making jewelry and other handicrafts. They continue to adapt their micro-businesses in light of the pandemic, some turning to online markets to continue their revenue-generating activities.

Feminist Leadership to address Sexual Violence

As active change-makers in their communities, the YWL members in North and South Kivu are paving the way for a shift in the dialogue surrounding sexual violence, from one that treats women as victims, to one that recognizes them as survivors. Through monthly radio shows focused on tackling gender-based violence and stereotypes, the young women have raised awareness of the negative impact sexual violence has on the lives of women and their communities at large.

© 2018, Young Women Leaders in Goma, DRC after GNWP workshop on economic empowerment

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