CSO Working Group on YPS meets with new Assistant Secretary-General on Youth Affairs ahead of Security Council Debate

CSO Working Group on YPS meets with new Assistant Secretary-General on Youth Affairs ahead of Security Council Debate

On 17 May 2024, members of the Civil Society Working Group on Youth, Peace and Security (CSO WG on YPS) met with the new Assistant Secretary-General (ASG) for Youth Affairs, Dr. Felipe Paullier, ahead of the UN Security Council Debate on young women convened by Mozambique. The Debate is scheduled for 28 May 2024.

Established in 2021, the CSO WG on YPS, encompasses over 200 youth-led and youth-serving civil society networks and organizations committed to actualizing the “Partnerships” pillar of UN Security Council Resolution 2250.

ASG Paullier outlined three key priority areas for his newly established UN Youth Office:

  1. Enhancing collaboration and coordination on YPS, especially with Member States and within the UN system;
  2. Strengthening advocacy for YPS within the UN and its inter-governmental bodies, based on the principles of inclusion and ensuring the protection of youth peacebuilders; and
  3. Promoting and involving young people in strategic and impactful YPS initiatives, including youth-inclusive peace processes.
 Ahead of the Debate, as ASG Paullier prepares his briefing to the Security Council, members of the Working Group shared priorities including increasing political will for the participation of youth as decision-makers and decolonizing funding mechanisms for YPS.
The Working Group clearly conveyed its collective agreement that advocacy led by the UN Youth Office is critical in driving the YPS agenda through the UN system, including actualizing the demands of UN Security Council Resolution 2535. UN agencies must focus on institutionalizing the three YPS resolutions within the UN system itself. Places where young people express themselves and conduct their advocacy are too often on the margins of the UN system – the streamlining of the YPS resolutions within the UN is the only way the UN will ensure meaningful dialogue with youth peacebuilders.

“If young people do not trust the system, then we are in hot water. The whole UN system is based on trust. If we do not create change within the system, we risk not being effective for the meaningful inclusion of young people.” – Dr. Felipe Paullier, Assistant Secretary-General on Youth Affairs

For more information, contact the CSO WG on YPS co-chairs:

Eliška Jelínková, Co-Director
United Network of Young Peacebuilders (UNOY)
[email protected]

Katrina Leclerc, Program Director
Global Network of Women Peacebuilders (GNWP)
[email protected]