#BehindTheAdvocacy: Thais Rehder


#BehindTheAdvocacy: Meet Thais Rehder, a GNWP Research and Advocacy Intern specializing in Latin America, from Peru. Thais is a senior in the Global Liberal Studies program at New York University, as well as a student in the Master’s program in International Relations and International Business.

“One thing that I’m really proud of doing during my internship is helping to organize a Peace Forum in Bogotá, Colombia. GNWP gave me the opportunity to travel to Colombia to take part in the Peace Forum, where I got to meet some very inspiring people. The Peace Forum created a platform for women leaders in the country who are working hard to implement the peace agreement with the FARC, with respect to the gender provisions of the agreement, to get together and make their voices heard. 

Another great memory was attending a historical Security Council meeting hosted by the Mission of Peru to the United Nations. I was so proud to see my country hosting the first-ever Security Council meeting focused specifically on the Youth, Peace and Security Agenda, something that my work at GNWP has focused so heavily on these past few months.

Many times we think that if our country is not currently in conflict that the Peace and Security Agenda does not apply to us, but it still does! I think the best way for young people to learn about and take action in peace and security dealings is to educate themselves on the topic. Today, we have more access to information than ever before; therefore it is our duty to investigate and become agents of change!”