#BehindTheAdvocacy: Shalini Medepalli


#BehindTheAdvocacy: Meet Shalini Medepalli, a GNWP Research and Advocacy Intern from the United Kingdom. Shalini is currently a first-year student at the University of Cambridge in London, UK. She is pursuing a Master’s degree in Development Studies.  

“The amount of freedom and trust given to interns at GNWP was such a pleasant surprise from the start of my time. From helping formulate concept notes to reformatting the communications strategy, all the work I undertook was not only important for the organization, but also for my personal growth.

I was very proud of the work I completed in Moldova to assist in the implementation of Localization 1325, National Action Plan on WPS and media workshops. However, on a more overarching basis, I was proud of the fact that I continued my internship remotely while completing the final year of my degree. This gave me great time management skills while allowing me to continue being a part of a great community of peacebuilders!

Working with GNWP was the confirmation I needed to finalize the career path I wanted. I fully credit my time at GNWP as the reason I was inspired to complete an internship at the UK Cabinet Office and undertake my Master’s degree at the University of Cambridge. 

The community-like feel allows for a small team situated worldwide to produce high-quality work and liaise successfully. This lack of disconnect is extremely rare and treasured by all members of GNWP.

One of my best memories was walking into the UN for the first time, representing an organization that I am passionate about. Being able to make a difference at one of my first jobs ever changed my mindset on what is important in a career.”