#BehindTheAdvocacy: Hidehiko Yamashita


#BehindTheAdvocacy: Meet Hidehiko Yamashita, a GNWP Research and Advocacy Intern from Japan. Hide is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in International Studies at Soka University of America where he is majoring in Peace Studies and East Asian History.

“Although I have been interested in human rights issues, I never thought of it as my career path. But as I was doing research for GNWP and participating in UN events, I started to feel a sense of urgency that I must do something to help solve problems we face. I would like to now pursue a career engaging in grassroots activities that truly contribute to the well-being of individuals!

I was so excited that I got to interview Ambassador Chowdhury for the GNWP July podcast. I’m a former student of his and we had a great discussion on how to further promote and implement the UN Security Council Resolution 1325 as we work towards a Culture of Peace. We encourage all of you to listen to the podcast on our website! 

I’d say the GNWP team is a group of amazing young people and is completely different from traditional bureaucratic organizations; the office of GNWP is open and everyone communicates! The officers at GNWP are young, competent, and diverse – I’m surprised that most officers are as young as I! I think it’s so cool how each member uses their distinctive backgrounds to help create more inclusive projects. I also love that my co-workers speak multiple languages, it’s an amazing place where I can learn something new every day. This is just one reason why GNWP is successful in its efforts promoting and implementing UN Security Council 1325 and 2250.”