#BehindTheAdvocacy: Beatriz Ciordia


#BehindTheAdvocacy: Meet Beatriz Ciordia, a GNWP Peacebuilding Communications Intern from Spain. Bea holds a bachelor’s degree in International Journalism in Pamplona, Spain and is currently pursuing a master’s in International Relations at New York University with a Fulbright scholarship.

“When I started working at GNWP I was pleasantly surprised by the diversity of projects GNWP implements and co-partners worldwide. Despite being coordinated by a very small (and young!) team, GNWP has more than 100 partners and works in over 40 countries! I’m a master’s candidate in International Relations and working with GNWP has given me the unique opportunity to see NGOs and civil society groups advocating for peacebuilding and conflict prevention outside of the classroom. Plus, working at GNWP has allowed me to learn about the prospects and challenges faced by women in the peace process, a core issue for my speciality in Latin American and Caribbean Studies.

I recently helped our Cora Weiss Fellow, Suzy Williams, write her personal story for a project launched by Soka Gakkai International (SGI) Office for UN Affairs on women’s leadership and personal development. Suzy’s story generated a lot of feedback, and SGI decided to feature her in their “Seeds of Hope” campaign, a joint initiative with the Earth Charter International aimed at emphasizing sustainability to ensure social justice and peace. The fact that Suzy’s story was read in many parts of the world made me incredibly proud and in a way, I felt as if I had helped advance one of GNWP’s main goals: amplifying women’s voices so that they are recognized as key influencers and decision-makers!

Diverse, passionate and extremely hard-working – that is the GNWP team! I have had the privilege of meeting and working with women around the world who share something in common: their passion for promoting the rights of women and youth, and their commitment to advancing gender equality. It is truly motivating to work with women of all ages and from very different backgrounds and learn from their lives. These months have been a non-stop learning experience for me!”