Episode 22: Youth Day 2019

GNWP wishes everyone a Happy International Youth Day!

In this celebratory episode of GNWP Talks, Shivi Thakur and Eliza Beckerman-Lee, two Global Network of Women Peacebuilders interns, sit down with Sophia Garcia, Bianca Pabotoy, and Lynrose Jane Genon, three long-time members and ambassadors for GNWP’s Young Women for Peace and Leadership program to talk about the role of youth (especially young women) in the peacebuilding process. Sophia, Bianca, and Lynrose, all based in the Philippines, recently spoke on a series of panels at the High-Level Political Forum at the UN about their work engaging young women in issues of peace and security. In the spirit of #InternationalYouthDay we continued this discussion and listened to what else these young women had to say about the importance of increasing the presence of young people on the global stage!

We are truly thankful to Sophia Garcia, Bianca Pabotoy, and Lynrose Jane Genon for their leadership in both advocating for youth involvement in peacebuilding and working directly with young people in their home communities for more durable peace.


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