Anuarite Mathe

Anuarite Mathe

Youth Peacebuilding Influencer

Anuarite is a young Congolese woman who since childhood has been passionate about science and technology, but with a dream that the war in her region has not allowed her to grow due to the security situation.

For several years, Anuarite has worked with organizations defending the rights of children and young people in her community. This experience allowed her to gain expertise in advocacy towards young people and children's rights with local and national authorities in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Anuarite claims that meeting GNWP was one of the greatest opportunities that helped her define herself differently, and to hope for a future where young women and girls are at the forefront of the search for and themselves build blocks of peace.

Her passion for the humanitarian world and the search for peace is of increasing interest because in her city no other activity evolves without peace. To Anuarite, peace is in a state of emergency which requires collaboration from all members of society.