Katrina Leclerc ( Canada )

Katrina Leclerc ( Canada )
: Girl Ambassadors for Peace Program Coordinator

Katrina holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Winnipeg with a double major in Human Rights and Conflict Resolution. She is now completing her Master of Arts in Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Manitoba, her thesis is entitled “Culturally-Relevant and Collaborative Peacebuilding: The Girl Ambassadors for Peace”. She is currently the Executive Assistant to Senator Marilou McPhedran at the Senate of Canada, coordinating communications; finance; human resources; youth, peace and security; women, peace and security; international human rights; and, the Indigenous peoples’ portfolios.

Katrina coordinates the Girl Ambassadors for Peace program in the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan. Katrina also assists with translations, web content, social media, publications, and research projects for GNWP. Prior to joining GNWP, Katrina worked with regional and national NGOs, for educational and Francophone rights in Canada.